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Word Reading

At Broom Valley Community School (BVCS), daily twenty minute phonics sessions are taught in F2 and Key Stage One, as well as for those pupils in KS2 who are new to English. By the end of Year 1, it is our expectation that all children will have been taught the skills needed to enable them to read widely and with fluency and that they will use their blending and segmenting skills to help them tackle unfamiliar words.

Individual Reading

Children in F2, KS1 and children new to English in KS2, have a reading book (Oxford Reading Tree and Project X) that reflects the current sounds/high frequency words that they are learning. They read with their class teacher at least once a week. These times are used to:

Children take home the reading book (or one with the same sounds/words) to share with their parent/carers. In addition, they can also borrow a book from the class reading corner or school library.


Guided Reading (Class Reading)

From Year 2 children will have at least three class reading sessions each week. These will be based on either the class text that is being used to support the writing, a book with a similar theme or one by the same author. These sessions will be used to develop the children’s comprehension. Children will record their responses in reading journals. The teacher will focus on target ‘guided’ groups during these sessions. Children who are unable to decode the text will be supported by an additional adult to support their decoding skills. ‘Guided’ reading will be used to:

Independent Reading

Children will be given the opportunity to read independently in order to:

Planning Writing from a Quality Text

In English lessons we use a quality ‘writerly’ text to support writing. When each new text is introduced we teach the children ways to respond to the book as a reader. We explore aspects such as:

Reading Resources

Early Years and Key Stage One

The Oxford Reading Tree scheme, including the phonics and decoding books, forms the spine of the reading materials used to teach reading. This is supported by RWI materials and a selection of books from other schemes that reflect the key vocabulary and grammar at the instructional level of the child. We organise these into Book Bands. They are kept in the ‘Reading Room’ on the KS1 corridor.  Phonics Play, an interactive programme, is used to support the teaching of phonics between F2 and KS1.

Key Stage Two

Books are chosen for their level of interest whilst reflecting the instructional stage of the children. These are kept on the Key Stage Two corridor.

Book Corners

Each class has a book corner that has a range of popular fiction texts and texts, both fiction and non-fiction, that reflect the current topic. Resources that support the re-telling of the stories are included in the book areas in the EYs and KS1.

Assessment and Tracking